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IGNOU BSc, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science programme opens up avenues of higher education in science to people from different sections of the society, such as in-service personnel, housewives, weaker sections, and people living in rural and remote areas of the country. Apart from providing opportunities of higher education in science, the programme is expected to make a wide and significant impact on society by creating a scientific attitude to life.

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Commencement of the Programme:


IGNOU BSc Eligibility:

10+2 or an equivalent examination with science subjects.


No Bar.


Minimum period of three years and maximum period of six years.

Programme Fee:

The total fee for the Ist year, including the registration fee is Rs.2200/-. A student has to pay Rs. 2100/ per year, in the IInd year and the IIIrd year.

IGNOU BSc Medium of Instruction:

The B.Sc. programme is offered both in English medium and Hindi medium.

Programme Structure:

The 96 credits for the B. Sc. Programme are to be spread over three categories of Courses as given below:

Courses Credits
Foundation Courses 24 Credits OR 24 Credits
Elective Courses 64 Credits OR 56 Credits
Application- Oriented Courses 8 Credits or 16 Credits
Awareness Course on Environment Nil   Nil
Total 96 Credits   96 Credits

Ignou BSc Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses are compulsory for all the students who want to obtain a Bachelor's Degree. A student has to earn 24 credits of Foundation Courses. The list of Foundation Courses is given below.

Course Code Course Title Credits
Compulsory Courses
FHS-1 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences 8
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
FEG-1 Foundation Course in English-1 Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4
  Any one of the following Courses:  
FEG-2 Foundation Course in English-2 or 4
BHDF-101 Foundation Course in Hindi or 4
FAS-1 Foundation Course in Assamese 4
FBG-1 Foundation Course in Bengali 4
FGT-1 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
FKD-1 Foundation Course in Kannada 4
FML-1 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
FMT-1 Foundation Course in Marathi 4
FOR-1 Foundation Course in Oriya 4
FPB-1 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
FTM-1 Foundation Course in Tamil 4
FTG-1 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
FUD-1 Foundation Course in Urdu 4
BSKF-001 Foundation Course in Sanskrit 4

IGNOU B.Sc. Major

For obtaining B.Sc. (Major) Degree in Chemistry, Elective Courses in Chemistry worth 40 credits (CHE-01 to CHE-12(L)) should be completed.

For B.Sc. (Major) Degree in Mathematics, Elective Courses worth 40 credits in mathematics (MTE-01, 02, 04 to 14) should be completed. Of these 40 credits in elective courses, the 28 credits worth of courses viz., MTE-01,02,04 to 09 are compulsory.

For B.Sc. (Major) in Zoology, Elective Courses worth 48 credits in Life Sciences [LSE-01 to LSE-08(L) worth 32 credits] and a package of courses [LSE-09, 10, 11(L) worth 16 credits] should be completed.

For B.Sc. (Major) in Botany, Elective Courses worth 48 credits in Life Sciences [LSE-01 to LSE-08(L) worth 32 credits] and a package of courses [LSE-12, 13, 14(L) worth 16 credits] should be completed.

Please note that the package courses (LSE-09, 10, 11(L) or LSE-12, 13, 14(L) are to be taken together and you will not be allowed to take any individualcourse from these packages.

For B.Sc. (Major) Degree in Physics, Elective Courses worth 48 credits (PHE-01 to PHE-16) should be completed.

B. Sc. (General)

In case, you do not complete the above-prescribed courses for various B.Sc. (Major) degrees and complete any other combination of courses from among science elective courses, then you will be awarded a B.Sc. (General) degree.

Elective Courses

The elective courses are basically discipline-oriented courses. For B.Sc. programme, the Elective Courses are offered in four disciplines - Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. Life Sciences discipline offers B. Sc. Degree in Zoology and Botany. Under the category of elective courses, you have to earn 56 or 64 credits. Total credits (56 or 64) in electives can be taken from a minimum of two and a maximum of four science disciplines.

At least 25% of the total elective credits that you register for in Life Sciences, Chemistry and Physics must be from laboratory courses. For example if you are interested to take 56 credits in Chemistry, Life Sciences or Physics then a minimum of 14 credits must be from lab courses of these disciplines.

Laboratory courses will be conducted for 1 or 2 weeks at a time as residential programmes at selected study centres for 2 credit and 4 credit courses, respectively. List of Elective Courses is given in Table 2.

Elective Courses worth a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 48 credits in any of the four science disciplines can be opted.

The list of Elective courses:

The list of Elective Courses, which are offered in a phased manner for the B. Sc. programme is given below:

Course Code Course Title Credits
PHE-01 Elementary Mechanics 2 To be taken together
PHE-02 Oscillations and Waves 2
PHE-03(L) Physics Laboratory-I 4  
PHE-04 Mathematical Methods in Physics-I 2 To be taken together
PHE-05 Mathematical Methods in Physics-II 2
PHE-06 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 4 PHE-06 is a pre-requisite* for PHE-13
PHE-07 Electric and Magnetic Phenomena 4 PHE-07 is pre-requisite* for PHE-16
PHE-08(L) Physics Laboratory-II 4  
PHE-09 Optics 4  
PHE-10 Electrical Circuits and Electronics 4 PHE-10 is co-requisite** for PHE-16
PHE-11 Modern Physics 4 PHE-11 is a co-requisite** for PHE-13
PHE-12(L) Physics Laboratory-III 4  
PHE-13 Physics of Solids 4  
PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III 4  
PHE-15 Astronomy and Astrophysics 4  
PHE-16 Communication Physics 4  


Course Code Course Title Credits
CHE-01 Atoms and Molecules 2 To be taken together
  CHE-01 is a pre-requisite* for CHE-04
  CHE-05 & CHE-10, AEC-1 and CHE-3(L) is pre-requisite* for AEC-1
CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry 4 CHE-02 is a pre-requisite* for CHE-10
CHE-04 Physical Chemistry 4  
CHE-05 Organic Chemistry 4 CHE-05 is a pre-requisite* for CHE-06, CHE-09 and CHE-10
CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism 4  
CHE-07(L) Chemistry Lab-II 2 To be taken together
CHE-08(L) Chemistry Lab-III 2
CHE-09 Biochemistry 4  
CHE-10 Spectroscopy 4  
CHE-11(L) Chemistry Lab-IV 4  
CHE-12(L) Chemistry Lab-V 4  
MTE-03# Mathematical Methods 4  


Course Code Course Title Credits  
LSE-01 Cell Biology 4 LSE-01 is pre-requisite* for LSE-03, 05 and 06
LSE-02 Ecology 4  
LSE-03 Genetics 4  
LSE-04(L) Laboratory Course-I 4  
LSE-05 Physiology 4  
LSE-06 Developmental Biology 4  
LSE-07 Taxonomy and Evolution 4  
LSE-08(L) Laboratory Course-II 4  
LSE-09 Animal Diversity-I 6 To be taken together
LSE-10 Animal Diversity-II 6
LSE-11(L) Animal Diversity Lab 4
LSE-12 Plant Diversity-I 6 To be taken together
LSE-13 Plant Diversity-II 6
LSE-14(L) Plant Diversity Lab 4
MTE-03# Mathematical Methods 4  


Course Code Course Title Credits
MTE-01 Calculus 4 MTE-01 is a pre-requisite* for MTE-7 to MTE-10
MTE-02 Linear Algebra 4  
MTE-04 Elementary Algebra 2 To be taken together
MTE-05 Analytical Geometry 2
MTE-06 Abstract Algebra 4  
MTE-07 Advanced Calculus 4 MTE-07 is a co-requisite** for MTE-08 and a pre-requisite for MTE-11
MTE-08 Differential Equations 4  
MTE-09 Real Analysis 4  
MTE-10 Numerical Analysis 4  
MTE-11 Probability and Statistics 4  
MTE-12 Linear Programming 4  
MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics 4  
MTE-14 Mathematical Modelling 4 MTE-08 is a pre-requisite* for MTE-14

Laboratory courses

Out of the total elective credits that a student registers for in courses with laboratory component (Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences), at least 25% must be from laboratory courses. Laboratory courses are conducted for one week and two weeks depending on whether the course is worth two or four credits, respectively, at a time (as residential programmes) at selected study centres. Attendance at Lab. Courses is compulsory because a student's performance would be evaluated during the course itself. He/she is informed of the time and place where laboratory courses are to be conducted. Students are advised to pace their laboratory courses in such a way that they are evenly distributed over all the years of study.

Application-Oriented Courses

The third component of the B.Se. Programme consists of the Application-oriented Courses (AOC). These courses are developed to equip students in some area of their choice which requires application of skills. He/she must select at least 8 credits worth of courses from this group. If a student has opted for a total of 64 credits in Elective courses, he/she should take only 8 credits from this group. Attentively if he/she has taken only 56 credits in elective courses, he/she is allowed to take 16 credits in Application-oriented courses. The detailed list of the Application-oriented courses currently available is given below.

Course Code

Course Title Credits
AFW-E Feature Writing (English) 4
AFW-H Feature Lekhan (Hindi) 4
AWR-E Writing for Radio (English) 4
AWR-H Radio Lekhan (Hindi) 4
ATR-1 Translation (English 4 cr. + Hindi 4 cr.) 8
ACC-1 Organising Childcare Services 8
ANC-1 Nutrition for the Community 8
AHE-1 Human Environment (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) 8
AMK-1* Marketing 4
AED-1* Export Procedures and Documentation 4
ASP-1* Secretarial Practice 4
ASP-1* Secretarial Practice 4
AMT-1 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) 8
ACS-1 Consumer Studies 8
CTE-3 Teaching Strategies 4
CTE-4 Teaching English - Elementary School To be taken 4
CTE-5 Teaching English - Secondary School (with CTE-3 take any one either CTE-4 or CTE-5) 4
AST-1** Statistical Techniques 4
AOR-1** Operations Research 4
AEC-1*** Environmental Chemistry (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Labwork) 8
APM-1**** Integrated Pest Management (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) 8


With CTE-3 take anyone CTE-4 or CTE-5

* Commerce based Application-oriented courses. However, students are free to choose any Application-oriented course(s) of their choice. Among 4 credit AOC(s), they have to choose at least two 4 credit courses to make up 8 credits in total.

** +2 level of mathematics is a pre-requisite

*** CHE-01, CHE-02 and CHE-03(L) are the pre-requisite for this course

**** +2 level of Biology is a pre-requisite.

Detailed syllabi of the application-oriented courses are given in Section 12 of this guide.


The AHE-1, AMT-1 and APM-1 courses contain project work of 2 credits. The students who opt these courses are required to submit the project work of above courses at IGNOU, SR&E Division, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for evaluation. It is compulsory to qualify in the project work. The AEC-1 course consists of Lab-work of 2 credits. Students have to qualify both in theory and Lab-work.


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