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Personality Development

What is personality?

“Your personality is the type of person you are, which is shown by the way you behave, feel and think”.- Swami Vevakanand
How a person behaves, feels and thinks, how he conducts himself in a given set of circumstances is largely determined by the state of his mind. Personality development in the real sense refers to deeper levels of a person. It's beauty that captures your attention only; personality which captures your heart.
While our informal assessments of personality tend to focus more on individuals, personality psychologists instead use conceptions of personality that can apply to everyone. Personality research has led to the development of a number of theories that help explain how and why certain personality traits develop.

Five dimensions are involved in forming the human personality. These are:
1) physical self, 2) energy self, 3) intellectual self, 4) mental self, and 5) blissful self

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the undisciplined mind acts as our enemy, whereas a trained mind acts as our friend. So we need to have a clear idea of the mechanism of our mind. Can we train it to obey us, to cooperate with us? How can it contribute to the development of our personality?

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